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We create pretty pictures of the future and build them in truly lean and agile ways.

We help our clients figure things out with new digital products and propositions, in ways that reduce risk and don’t break the bank.



We design-on-code. Literally.

Starting with lo-fi designs we put our best ideas in ready-to-test prototypes within days.

Delivering meaningful outcomes. Beyond the conventional agency output.

We go beyond wireframes, static mockups and dummy click-through prototypes. We create high-fidelity prototypes, capable of preserving state and delivering the full experience — the real thing.

The actual product experience. Delivered in weeks, not months.

High-fidelity prototyping allows for radical design experimentation and an unprecedented level of refinement, delivering production-ready, native code.


A new way of sharing with friends & family

‘CO’ is a new way of sharing with friends and family. It’s a powerful and intimate content-oriented experience that goes beyond chats, calls and links. It is the next best thing to seating next to each other.

We have worked closely with the client to shape the proposition, design and create a production-level prototype of the service.By week 6 we had a working, ready to test MVP, developed in native Android ‘Lollipop’. After 8 weeks of further testing and iteration, we delivered a fully featured product, complete with branding.


Content saving and delivery, driven by context

We created a high-fidelity prototype in-house for an idea we were passionate about: a service that helps you keep up with your reading by bringing forward content you want to recollect to the place and time you choose. Better than countless open browser tabs, endless reading lists or emails to yourself.

Built out of our love for news, publishing, digital content branding and mobile, it was a great excercise in honing our prototyping competence. A hi-fidelity prototype featuring backend components, a native iOS app and a responsive web app were put together in a record time of 8 weeks.


On the fast-track

Your ideas in customers’ hands, fast.

We discover, ideate, design, validate and prototype in days. Then iterate. And then again, and again.

On time, on budget.

Our modular, staged approach allows full control of budget and cost. Our engagements are sprint-based, maximising the deliverable value over time and cost ratio.

Delivered by one team.

Product strategy, design and development competence in one team. A blend of different perspectives with no ideas lost in translation.


Intelligent car innovation demo

We worked for CloudMade, to create a tablet-based demonstrator of their AI-driven connected car platform’s key features. We scripted a ‘day in the life of’ three personas, presented in a timeline format, exemplifying how platform’s predictive features add value to daily tasks such as commuting, school run etc.

In less than 10 weeks we designed, thoroughly iterated and produced a powerful demonstrator, integrated with the platform’s SDK and live maps.


Discover & Design


Starting engagements with a discovery sprints, we get to the core of the proposition. Taking into account competitive landscape, relevant trends and customer insights, we identify customer segments and needs.

Design Systems

We organise our work in coherent, simple and usable design systems. No more specification docs to end up in the archives.

Design for Good

We worked with a US-based non-profit on a new charity concept, featuring data driven campaigns an contextual relevance based on interests and location, aiming to link those in the field with those who can to help.


Future-proof platform UX & design system

We worked extensively on T*zen, a collaborative platform effort between two Fortune 500 giants, designing the core UX and UI of the mobile and desktop platform, among seveal other concepts.

Visual lock screen notifications, home screen ‘liveboxes’ with progressive disclosure, visual multitasking app switcher, UI translucency and a flat design aesthetic were the hero features of the new platform. It is worth noting that this was designed in 2011, long before concepts like ‘flat’ design, UI translucency and blur effects became commonplace.



Continuous delivery.

Our methodology is driven by iterative optimisation based on customer feedback.

Not ‘good enough’ but ‘great’.

Thorough iteration on a live prototype enables an unparalleled level of refinement.


One picture, four points, no passwords

We worked with PixelPin, a UK based security startup on a mission to revolutionise authentication. Following research and discovery work by our partners at Business Design Tools, we started with an quick round of designs and as fast as 2 weeks we had an initial HTML5 prototype in place.

The prototype was tested and thoroughly iterated over the next 4 weeks. We then continued with the web app front-end production and integration over a period of 10 weeks.



Digital & physical

From retail installations to connected, smart products (confidential), we have delivered seamless experiences bridging software and hardware.


In-store product explorer

Along with Golden Arm in New York, we prototyped and developed the product experience app for Jawbone’s retail presence in Best Buy across the US.

The kiosk app runs on in-store touch screens and was tailor made for a custom Android build the hardware runs on.


Browse & Order point

We worked closely with M&S UX to bridge the design and development team workflows by creating a powerful and concise motion design framework, along with a dynamically-driven touch prototype.

This enabled the design team to quickly test and refine the navigation model and UI transitions and hand them over to the production team in an easy to implement format, maintaining a high-quality UX standard in the end product.

In 6 weeks we created a dynamic prototype for testing purposes. It was structured in a way that the design and research team could modify UI transitions on the fly, during testing sessions. This enabled them to rapidly iterate through several alternatives within each session.



To the point

Our agile fast-track is making new ideas tangible, fast.

Deeper insight into customer needs

A high-fidelity prototype that can be used, in real-life conditions is a much more effective tool to understand customer needs.

It is possible.


Founded by 2 and powered by a network of 25 rare breeds & unicorns, we have delivered solutions for leading products and organisations.


Konstantinos P.

Strategy Digital UX & UI design Front-end Prototyping

Kon has 15 years of experience across the digital spectrum as a hands-on design leader with a software development, robotics & AI background. Since founding Codica in 2011, he worked extensively with Intel, M&S, HM Government and a number of leading startups. Previously, as a Service Design Lead at Fjord he lead teams across Europe and the US to deliver acclaimed work on products like BBC iPlayer, Skype, Nokia/Here Maps and strategy for Samsung, LG, Intel, Vodafone, Orange, O2 and TeliaSonera among others.


Marilena S.

Strategy UX design (digital & physical) Connected hardware Prototyping

Marilena has a multidisciplinary background, extending from architecture to hardware and user experience design. She is trained architect with a rare combination of design and technical skills for physical and digital environments. She leads UX design, strategy and in-house initiatives. Marilena has worked extensively with the Bartlett School of Architecture/ UCL as a co-founder at FABRICATE, an international peer-reviewed conference and publication on digital fabrication.